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Recall games to play

Susan Garrett

A compilation of video clips demonstrating a variety of fun games all focused on demonstrating to your dog how much fun it is to come back when called! Here are Susan Garrett`s tips to get the most out of playing these training games:

  • When playing recall games, I would advise highly visible treats if possible like cheese or chicken, but I have done it with ordinary kibble as well, it just might take them longer to find.
  • I have also found it useful to have treats in both hands, so that you are ready to direct and throw with the correct body language.
  • Check out the clips carefully as to which hands I am using to signal with.
  • In recall through the legs I throw the treats directly through my legs and Barney runs between them, I then turn round and face the opposite direction and through he goes again.
  • Recall round: I send Inca right round my body and away.
  • Recall through & round – I combine the first two.
  • Recall follow the body round – I draw the dog around with whatever hand and go in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction, getting the dog to follow my body language, which is useful for agility work.
  • Recall Hand Touch: dogs recall, touch hand and are rewarded by throwing the cheese away to hunt.
  • Recall name game with other people: this is a really excellent exercise to play with all the members of the family who are going to be responsible for walking the dog, so that the dog learns the rewards from responding to you all.
  • Recall to play – I used a tug toy example.
  • Recall to scavenge hunt – all dogs love this. I also use this randomly on walks under the signal word of 'ready' then throw them out, walk on and maybe throw some more when they reach me again. This is great for keeping attentiveness on walks.

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