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Zak George has built his reputation on teaching people how to connect with their dogs in unprecedented ways. From teaching dogs to bowl, to taking out the garbage or even training extreme Frisbee dogs, Zak has is always challenging the status quo of dog training. But for Zak, it is never about the task, but rather the increased bonding that occurs while teaching various behaviors to our dogs.

When Zak was a teenager, he was particularly touched by his older brother's relationship with his white German Shepherd dog, Levi. Some years later, Zak brought the now legendary, Venus into his life and discovered that there was virtually no limit to what a dog could be taught if the relationship between dog and person was valued and nurtured. Furthermore, Zak realized that many dog training courses were still advocating the opposite philosophy of emotional detachment and harsh physical corrections. This inspired him to share his findings with the public and become a full time dog trainer.

He began teaching classes and quickly grew a waiting list of months to attend these classes. Pleased, yet still slightly frustrated, Zak realized that he would have to reach a much larger audience if he was to transform dog training forever. That's when he accepted a job opportunity with the Extreme Canines Show to travel the nation while performing with his dogs and other highly accomplished trainers. He would do this for the next several years and reach hundreds of thousands in the process.

In 2006 YouTube was beginning to emerge and Zak instantly recognized the possibilities. He learned how to film, produce, and edit his own training videos which he would give to the world for free with the intention of improving the quality of life for dogs around the world. Zak’s success on youtube led to TV interest and Zak’s first series, SuperFetch, which aimed to challenge people to work and connect with their dogs in ways they never have before. Since then, Zak has appeared on countless national television shows to talk about his dog training philosophy, including The Rachael Ray Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Early Show, Fox and Friends, Dogs 101, and Who Let the Dogs Out? for UK kids' channel CBBC.

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