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On Dog Coach Videos you can find the best dog videos to help you deal with a whole range of challenges positively and effectively. From puppies who treat your sofa as a chew toy, through to more challenging behaviours – or how to go about unleashing (sorry, there will be puns) your dog's inner potential.

And because each short and to-the-point clip is reviewed by an experienced dog trainer, you know the techniques being shown not only achieve results, but also result in a happy and contented pet that enjoys being part of your lifestyle and family.

"It’s refreshing to see video after video with reputable information
and useful instructions."
Karen B. London The Bark

Featured trainers

Most of the videos on this site are created by leading, international dog trainers and behaviourists plus a few vets, some excellent hobbyists, pet owners with great movie skills – and some are chosen simply because they're cute or funny and we hope you'll enjoy them.

We're continually searching the web to bring you the latest and best free dog training videos, all in one place and categorised to make it easy to find what you want when you need it. 

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Meet our founder

Dog Coach Videos was founded by dog owner Vicky Carne, who started out as a traditional publisher before becoming a computer games publisher and internet entrepreneur.

"It's a confusing world for dog owners with ever more stringent laws relating to dog ownership," she explains. "If we're confused, how much more confusing must it be for our dogs?

"While they're highly adaptable, they need our help to learn the right way to behave to fit into our homes and lifestyles. There are some fantastic dog training videos freely available online. Dog Coach Videos searches out the best, easy-to-watch videos – and puts them all in one place for you.

"Plus dog lovers and owners can recommend video clips for us to publish."

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As well as videos, our blog gives you the chance to meet some of our experts and read the latest on training and dog behaviour.

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