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Susan Garrett’s interest in animal behaviour started at the University of Guelph where she earned a B.Sc. in Animal Science. Since then she has developed into a pre-eminent canine sports instructor and competitor.

A natural teacher and an entertaining speaker, Susan is recognized as a leading educator of dog trainers. Her understanding of how to apply learning principles to competitive dog training has made her a much sought after speaker throughout North America and as far away as Japan, Australia and Europe.

Susan is also one a highly successful dog agility competitor. Since winning her first USDAA Grand Prix Final in 1996 with her Border Collie. Stoni, Susan has accumulated a total of 20 National and International Championship wins. Every dog Susan has ever trialed in agility has won two or more National Championship events.

Susan has also been a member of one of the fastest flyball teams in the world and is one of Canada’s top obedience competitors. In all of these events, her dogs perform with a happy attitude and great precision, enjoying their work as much as Susan enjoys working with them.

Susan has also written a number of books, published DVDs for trainers and dog owners and runs very popular online training courses and communities. Susan shares her life with fellow dog enthusiast John Blenkey and their four dogs: Buzz, DeCaff, Encore and Feature. Together John and Susan own and operate Say Yes Dog Training Inc., a state of the art dog training facility located in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.

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