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Sue has been training dogs since she was about 9 years old, and tried just about every training method that's shown up over the years. She says she learned a lot, forgot a lot, deliberately forgot a lot and is now left with a philosophy of training which asks that you do no harm.

She discovered that listening, respecting, and doing no harm is an amazing training philosophy, and an even better training method. When you listen to a dog, the dog listens back!

She has had a lot of dogs over the years including Giant Schnauzers, Miniature Schnauzers, a few Australian Cattle Dogs, MinPins and Chihuahuas. Now she has Portuguese Water Dogs. In five decades with dogs she has tried most dog-related activities: conformation shows, obedience trials, rally, tracking, drafting, herding, packing and agility, search and rescue, water trials and service work, sled racing and flyball racing and scent hurdle racing, duck hunting and schutzhund.

Sue's 'Training Levels': instructions for teaching a dog what it needs to know to live and prosper in the company of humans, and to allow the human to live and prosper in the company of dogs is widely read and recommended by dog trainers around the world.

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