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Sarah Whitehead has an MSc in Animal Behaviour, is a member of both the APBC and APDT and has CCAB accreditation (Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist).

She is an international lecturer and pet behaviour counsellor seeing dogs and cats with behavioural problems on referral from veterinary surgeons across the south of England.

Sarah is MD of Alpha Education – an organisation providing accredited education in the field of dog behaviour and training. She also runs the Clever Dog Company® chain of puppy and dog training classes – all based on the most modern methods of teaching both people and their pets – with several branches across the South of England. 

Sarah's specialities are aggression in dogs, weird and wonderful problems in cats, puppy development, adolescent dog issues, and canine and feline body language and facial expression. She is an NLP Master Practitioner and has been described as the ‘Derren Brown’ of the dog world! She has also written a number of best-selling books and offers online training courses.

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And, if you are a trainer, a behaviourist or an aspiring canine professional, do take a look at Sarah's Inner Circle which delivers up to date thinking and masses of information to its members.