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Pippa is an author, zoologist and gundog enthusiast. She has been training and occasionally breeding dog for over thirty years. She is a keen supporter of modern, science based dog training methods, and is passionate about helping people to enjoy their dogs.

In 2006, Pippa designed and launched Britain’s national Graded Training Scheme for gun dogs. The scheme is accessible throughout the UK and provides a motivational and non-competitive system to help pet and working gundog owners train and enjoy their dogs. Pippa is the author of the popular Gundog Club training books which accompany the scheme.

Pippa is the founder of the UK’s first gundog training and welfare charity, The Gundog Trust. Pippa is one of the Trustees for the charity and is actively involved in its development.

In 2011, Pippa also set up The Labrador Site as a central online resource for Labrador owners. It now attracts over 200,000 visitors each month and is a leading provider of training, health and behavioural information for dog owners worldwide. It has an active forum where you can ask Pippa questions or talk to other dog owners. Pippa lives in Hampshire, England with her husband, sons, two Labradors and three Spaniels.

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