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Pamela Johnson CPDT-KA is a professional member of the APDT and the PPG. She also has a BS degree in Kinesiology and a MA in Education Curriculum Development. As a full time middle school PE teacher, Pamela feels that many of the skills she uses to teach children transfer nicely to training dogs.

Her passion is using force free training methods for behavior modification, as well as training complex behaviors and tricks. She thrives on the challenge of coming up with creative new ways to train dogs.

Pamela believes that every dog she works with teaches her more about training, patience and, most importantly, how to be a better person. Pamela has taught many dog training seminars in North America and, with Emily Larlham, in Canada. She writes the '10 Minute Trainer' section for Dog’s Naturally Magazine.

She is well known around the world for her training videos. Her business Pam’s Dog Training Academy is based in San Diego, California.

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