New puppy owner? Start here ...

If you've just got a new puppy home, there's an awful lot to learn and not a lot of spare time to learn it in. On Dog Coach Videos you'll find helpful videos for every puppy training need. But to help you over those first tricky days, look at the tips in these clips.

When he's found his feet in his new home, you can head over to Raising a Puppy for more great videos to help you train your puppy.

Potty / house training

Victoria Stilwell's tips on potty training your puppy will get you off to a good start.

Crate training

The benefits of a crate and how to get your pup comfortable with his new den.

Puppy biting help!

All puppies bite and mouth – it's normal behaviour if you're a puppy! You need to train him not to use his teeth on people.


What it means and why it's so important to begin socialising your puppy from day one.

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