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Jo-Rosie is an Animal Behaviourist and TV animal trainer. She is an accredited expert witness for dangerous dog cases and published author of the hit training manual, The Real Dog Yoga.

She studied Human Psychology at university but quickly realised that humans weren’t the only animal she wanted to work with. After graduation, she spent 3 years at a London Animal Hospital where she developed her practical skills whilst studying to become a fully qualified animal behaviourist.

In 2016, Jo-Rosie and her partner, Nando Brown presented the acclaimed UK TV programme Rescue Dog to Super Dog. They selected, matched and trained 6 rescue dog for 6 people with varying psychological and physical disabilities.

Jo-Rosie recently wrote the book Real Dog Yoga, which she invented as a permission-based protocol to help dogs stretch when they are post-op or injured, and also as a means to calming dogs suffering with hyperactive or overly impulsive behaviour.

Jo’s passion for bully breeds, in particular American Pit Bulls, began when she adopted her own Pit Bull Terrier, Archie. Archie was rescued from a horrific situation and came to her having had his ears chopped off, been mutilated, injured and starved. He was 6 months old and she has spent the last 7 years working hard to rehabilitate him as well as to use him as an ambassador for the breed.

Jo lives in the UK with her fiancé and fellow TV presenter Nando Brown, their baby and their four dogs. She and Nando recently founded The School for Canine Science offering courses for dog trainers and behaviourists.

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