How to get your dog to come when called

with Claire Staines

We have loads of great videos on Dog Coach Videos to help train your dog to come back when he's called. But we also like this longer series of videos for its real-life flavour – training a good recall, especially with an older dog who's had months or years of ignoring its owner, may take some time but will be well worth it!

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Recall 1

Introducing the training method.

Recall 2

Get started in the house.

Recall 3

Using hand targeting as part of the process.

Recall 4

Taking it into the great outdoors – with a long line

Recall 5

More practice on a long line.

Recall 6

Off lead now and practising the methods learnt to this stage.

Recall 7

Still practising (and you should be too for some time)!