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Eileen is a passionate amateur dog trainer, writer, and self-professed learning theory geek with a background in music performance and engineering.

Her interest in dog training began when she got a dog with problem behaviours and discovered the positive reinforcement community on the internet. She became fascinated by learning theory and the discovery that force-free training is not only humane and kind but is also science-based and shown to be extremely effective in training all animals.

Her excellent blog is full of articles explaining the theory behind successful dog training in a very accessible manner. And, similarly, her videos are especially useful for those new to dog training. Many of her videos demonstrate training with inexperienced dogs, and she is happy to include the less than successful sessions, so viewers get a good idea of what progress really looks like!

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If you are interested in finding out more about dogs with dementia, Eileen has a new site dedicated to providing  information and support on canine cognitive dysfunction –  visit