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Claire Staines PCT-A, dog trainer and behaviour consultant, runs Lothlorien Dog Services in Scotland. She is a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, and is on the Pet Professional Guild British Isles Committee. She has always had a natural empathy with dogs. When very young her grandmother’s Labradors were her first love. It was when she moved to South Africa, aged seven, that she first discovered the Ridgeback – although having one of her own had to wait as her parents decided to invest their time in Rottweilers. She got her own Rottie when she was thirteen and says “What a great breed to learn from. They are really easy to handle. My first dog, Nandi, was a really good learning curve, and the rest is history!” Claire started her first dog walking business aged nine – walking all the dogs in her street for free just so she could be around dogs. At Lothlorien she fulfilled her dream of working with dogs and their owners. She runs classes for all abilities, trick classes and kids classes and has a huge passion for giving puppies the best start possible. She juggles the business and two kids with the support of her husband and family.

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