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Carolyn Menteith KCAI (CDA), DipCAPT is a dog trainer, behaviourist and writer about all things canine.

As an internationally renowned dog expert and experienced broadcaster, she will be familiar to many in the UK from her appearances on TV in shows such as Top Dog, What’s Up Dog? and Celebrity Dog School. She is also a regular on radio programmes when a dog expert is needed

She writes a monthly column for Your Dog magazine, and has written and presented a series of dog training films (many of which are on Dog Coach Videos) and an app for Dogs Trust.

She is also the originator of The Puppy Plan. Backed by both the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust, this is a socialisation programme for puppies in their first 16 weeks to help improve their behaviour later in life.

Carolyn gives seminars and teaches nationally and internationally on training and behaviour. Puppy plan

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Check out The Puppy Plan if you're a breeder or about to get a new puppy.