Hand-feeding – simple, effective and possibly magic

with Dima Yeremenko

Hand-feeding is a simple programme to follow, and a quick way to build a strong bond with your dog and instill an enjoyment of training that will last for life. You can begin a hand-feeding programme at any time. When you first bring a puppy home is ideal, but this method will help if you have an older dog with ‘issues’. Dima Yeremenko’s hand-feeding method is tried and tested over many years and with many thousands of dogs. 

Watch the videos below to see how Dima uses hand-feeding to train a puppy, Little Bettie, over the course of a couple of weeks. For more about Dima and his training philosophy, see our recent interview and Dima's excellent book, Dima's Dog School 
Note: do watch the videos below in the order they are numbered. For technical reasons they're not in quite the right order on the page!